A tutto spettro

L’incontro mensile con la Comunicazione dell’INAF

The monthly appointment with INAF Communication

“A TUTTO SPETTRO” is a series of 1-hour web seminars by professionals in the field of Public Engagement of Science. The talks, with monthly cadence, every third Friday of the month, are aimed at a broad astronomical audience and are open to all interested researchers. The speakers will present their projects and what lies behind them.

WHEN - Every 3rd Friday of the month from 12:00 to 13:00 CET/CEST | WHERE - Online via Google Meet: https://tinyurl.com/inaf-pe

If you wish to present a topic for future talks in this series, please fill out this form.


Friday May 20th at 12:00

Daniele Gardiol (INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino)

Tutti a caccia di bolidi e meteoriti con PRISMA | Hunting meteors and meteorites with PRISMA

Abstract: PRISMA is the Italian fireball network dedicated to observation of bright meteors and recovery of freshly fallen meteorites. Since the very beginning of the project, we experienced an increasing enthusiastic participation of non-professionals, starting from amateur astronomers and reaching an ever wider audience among citizens and students. Nowadays PRISMA has become an established Italian stakeholder in the field of meteors and meteorites, being the reference for visual warnings, video recording of fireballs and report of suspect meteorite finds. I will describe our experience on this topic and the methodologies we have developed to capitalize such potential.

Friday June 17th at 12:00

Elena Mazzotta Epifani (INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma)

StAR Trekking - Trekking urbano tra basiliche, lune e meridiane | StAR Trekking - Urban trekking


Friday February 18th at 12:00

Daria Guidetti (INAF – IRA Bologna)

Sorvegliati spaziali: An innovative outreach project on Planetary Defence
Abstract + video recording

Friday March 18th at 12:00

Giannandrea Inchingolo (INAF – UniBo)

Into the (un)known - un viaggio nell’astrofisica astratta | Into the (un)known - a journey into abstract astrophysics

Abstract + video recording

Friday April 15th

Anita Zanella, Federico Di Giacomo (INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova)

L’Universo attraente - Un festival di astronomia in un piccolo borgo | The attractive Universe – An astronomy festival in a small village

Abstract + video recording